SUSE®, a Micro Focus company, provides and supports enterprise-grade Linux and open source solutions with exceptional service, value and flexibility. With partners and communities, we innovate, adapt and deliver secure Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage software to create solutions for mixed enterprise IT environments. We help customers harness the benefits and power of an open enterprise that can empower their possibilities.

Take Your Customers to the Data Center of the Future
Enterprise Linux

Increase server uptime, accelerate innovation, and improve operational efficiency with an open source solution that’s exclusively recommended by Microsoft, SAP, VMware, and HPE.

Cloud Solutions

Run a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution that reduces expenditures and simplifies IT management. The best part? You can run it in-house.

Software-Defined Storage

Stay ahead of data storage demands with a scalable and resilient software-defined storage solution that increases flexibility while reducing capital and operational expenses.

Mission-Critical Computing

Maximize service availability, respond instantly to changing market conditions, and put our team to work for you so that you can keep up with business demands.

IT Infrastructure Management

SUSE's IT Management systems reduce complexity and increase efficiency by centralizing control, simplifying innovation, and automating routine maintenance tasks so your IT team can focus on moving the business forward.

Server and Application Virtualization

Save infrastructure costs with virtualization, take advantage of built-in virtualization, and meet agile IT needs with Docker and containers, all with support for the leading open source hypervisor technologies.

Benefits of Partnering with SUSE

SUSE works with partners around the globe to develop solutions to help organizations run more efficiently and cost effectively. We work closely with our partners to provide technology that's both innovative and complementary, along with a full suite of training, consultation, and support solutions.

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