Financing Options

Lifeboat Distribution offers our partners the ability to select customized billing features that best suit your individual budgetary requirements. With several options to choose from, you will have the capability to properly forecast your cash flow for outgoing expenses.

Our flexible financing options also provide our customers with immediate purchasing power to capture full sales potential. Furthermore, by delaying cash outflows, this makes it possible for you to maximize the benefits of every dollar attached to your fiscal operation.

See below for a list of our comprehensive financial services programs:

  • Traditional Payment Methods
  • Flooring Program
  • Escrow
  • Extended Financing Option

Consulting Services

Are you losing out on business? Do you want to deliver professional service opportunities along with your product sales? Do you refrain from selling products that require professional services, because you don’t have engineers certified to provide the offering? Lifeboat’s professional services team can help you:

  • Ensure immediate success on your customer’s technology investment so those customers will buy more.
  • Implement key features and functionality of the technology to raise customer satisfaction and help keep your competition out of the account.
  • Capture services revenue and pure profit without the expense of engineers, systems, and management.

Lifeboat can assist both pre-sale and post-sale.

As a neutral third-party, our certified engineers are happy to help you make the sale and perform the professional implementation services on your company’s behalf. We are capable and ready to assist you design, implement, and optimize a solution for your customer. These can be around a wide variety of technologies including storage, security, and business continuity/disaster recovery. Also, our engineers have expertise around leading virtualization platforms including VMware.

Lifeboat Professional Services include SKU’d offerings for our partners to resell around Veeam, Thycotic, Sophos, and VMware. These services apply to customers with existing installations, as well as those implementing the solutions for the first time.

Disaster Recovery Series

Three-Quarters of companies believe their disaster recovery plans are inadequate. How does your organization compare? Check out these videos featuring our Director of Professional Services, Justin Current and learn how you can develop an effective disaster recovery plan for your entire organization.

Business Continuity Planning

4 Essential Questions to Ask

Why Schedule a Disaster Recovery Assessment

Analyze, Plan, Test

Education & Certification Services

Lifeboat delivers authorized vendor training courses to arm your technical staff in designing, implementing, and optimizing customer solutions. These courses are delivered by certified trainers at training centers located in Shrewsbury, NJ and other locations across North America—as well as online in our web conference center.

As your services business grows, you’ll want to develop your own professional services staff. Get them certified by Lifeboat! Lifeboat can train your engineers and then handle the required implementation mentoring and certification.

Currently the following authorized training course is available:

As a valued Lifeboat partner, you may receive a preferred price for attending an authorized training session.

For questions on training or on the process and benefits of certification, speak with your Lifeboat representative.

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Follow The Wire

GFI Support has rolled all technical support back in house as of April 1st, 2017. Please visit to submit a ticket or obtain your direct contact phone number. Please stay on the line as this call will be forwarded directly to GFI Support.

Get in touch with a Lifeboat representative for more information about our professional services.

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