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The Intelligent ID System — Protect Against Insider Threats

Intelligent ID is a powerful endpoint management and protection (EMAP) solution that enables unprecedented visibility into events that impact the security of your organization.

Uncover Insider Threats

Monitor data usage and stop threats through identity surveillance in real time. Know the who, what, when, where and how of your data as it is happening.

Improve Compliance

Ensure sensitive data is protected and industry standards are met through continuous auditing and reporting of any compliance policy. Quickly identify gaps in compliance, investigate cause, and enforce the solution.

Enhance Data Auditing and Protection

Protect and audit access to intellectual property and sensitive information regardless of where the data or the endpoint resides. Be aware who is using data, how it is used, and where it travels.

Simplify Investigations with Sound Forensics

Instantly gather and correlate event data as it happens including timelines, screen captures, shadow copies, and more. Understand what really happened, the scope of the event, and how many systems were involved.

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