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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017

Intel® Parallel Studio XE simplifies the design, development, debugging, and tuning of parallel code while boosting application performance. It enables software developers of high-performance compute, machine learning, and data analysis applications to productively increase performance on today's and tomorrow's hardware. The tools integrate into your development environment, allowing you to leverage existing code.

Three editions are available based on your development needs:

  • Composer Edition: Includes Intel® C++ and Fortran compilers, performance libraries, parallel models, and Intel® Distribution for Python*.
  • Professional Edition: Includes everything in the Composer Edition, plus performance profiling, a memory and thread debugger, and design tools to simplify adding threading and vectorization.
  • Cluster Edition: Includes everything in the Professional Edition, plus an MPI library, MPI profiling and error-checking tools, and an advanced cluster diagnostic expert system in a tool.

What's Included in Intel® Parallel Studio XE

  Composer Edition1 Professional Edition1 Cluster Edition
Intel® C++ Compiler
Intel® Fortran Compiler
Intel® Distribution for Python2
Intel® Math Kernel Library
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library
(C++ Only)
Intel® Threading Building Blocks (C++ only)
(C++ only)
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
(C++ Only)
Intel® VTune Amplifier XE3  
Intel® Advisor  
Intel® Inspector  
Intel® MPI Library3    
Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector    
Intel® Cluster Checker    
Rogue Wave IMSL* Library4 Bundled and Add-On Add-On Add-On
Operating System (Development Environment)
• Windows* (Visual Studio)
• Linux (GNU)
• OS X5 (XCode)
• Windows (Visual Studio)
• Linux (GNU)
• Windows (Visual Studio)
• Linux (GNU)


1. Available with a single language (C++ or Fortran) or both languages.

2. Available on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

3. Available bundled in a suite or standalone.

4. Available as an add-on to any Windows Fortran suite or bundled with a version of the Composer Edition.

5. Available as single language suites on OS X.

Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library

The Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL ) is designed to help software developers reduce the time it takes to develop their applications and delivery them with maximum performance. Intel DAAL helps you make better predictions — faster, and analyze larger data sets with the available compute resources at hand. Intel DAAL is updated to take advantage of next-generation processors even before they are available.

Key Features

  • Delivers high application performance across spectrum of Intel®-architecture devices
  • Speeds time-to-value through data source and environment integration

 Windows | Linux | OS X

Academic:  Windows | Linux | OS X

Rogue Wave IMSL* Fortran Numerical Libraries

The Rogue Wave IMSL Fortran Numerical Library is available as an add-on to Intel Parallel Studio XE and is also available bundled with the Composer Edition. It is the standard for high performance computing commercial mathematics and statistics libraries, providing:

  • Superior accuracy and reliability through 40 years of refinement
  • A comprehensive set of 1000+ algorithms
  • Supporting parallel processing architectures since 1990
  • Evolves easily with software and hardware upgrades
  • Responsive support from Intel and Rogue Wave

 Windows | Academic:  Windows

Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2017

Tune Applications for Scalable Multicore Performance

  • Faster code. Tune with accurate data, low overhead.
  • Fast answers. Easy analysis turns data into insight.
  • More data. CPU, FPU, GPU, threading, memory access, and more.
  • Local and remote collection. Command line and graphical interface.

What's New

  • Profile both Python* and native code. Low overhead, source-line detail.
  • Quickly profile three critical metrics for modern hardware performance: CPU utilzation (threading), memory access, and FPU utilization (FLOPS).
  • Tune Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors including in-package MCDRAM.
  • Storage analysis. Tune interplay of I/O and compute.

 Windows | Linux

Academic:  Windows | Linux

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