GFI EndPointSecurity

GFI EndPointSecurity lets you control the use of portable storage devices such as USB drives, iPods and PDAs on your network. With GFI EndPointSecurity you are able to prevent users from stealing confidential company data or introducing malware to your network. GFI EndPointSecurity supports Windows 7 and BitLocker To Go.

GFI EventsManager

The enormous volume of system event logs generated daily is of growing importance to organizations that are required to record information for forensic purposes and due to the ever-growing reach of regulatory compliance. Increased threats to business continuity call for an approach that includes real-time event log monitoring of the network; and you also need the ability to analyze and report event logs to address any incidents or security concerns.

This is an overwhelming task. However, GFI EventsManager™ assists with monitoring and managing event logs, maintaining network health and security. Providing support for devices from the top manufacturers as well as for custom devices, GFI EventsManager monitors an extended range of hardware products and reports on the health and operational status of each one.

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GFI FAXmaker

With thousands of customers and numerous awards, GFI FaxMaker™ is a leading network fax server software solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cost-effective process and solves the problems associated with manual faxing: printing out the document, walking to the fax machine and waiting for the fax to go through, not to mention the cost of fax machine supplies and repair.

GFI FaxMaker allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their email client and it saves each fax digitally for easier filing and finding. It gives you reliability and enterprise functionality at highly competitive pricing. You'll spend less time sending, collecting and distributing faxes, and make significant savings too.

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GFI LANguard

GFI LanGuard™ is an award-winning network security and vulnerability scanner used by leading companies all over the world. GFI LanGuard provides a complete network security overview with minimal administrative effort, while also providing remedial action through its patch management features. Easy to set up and use, GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual consultant to give you a complete picture of your network set-up, provide risk analysis and help you to maintain a secure and compliant network state faster and more effectively. GFI LanGuard assists you in patch management, vulnerability assessment, network and software auditing, asset inventory, change management, risk analysis and compliance.

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GFI MailArchiver

GFI MailArchiver™ is an email archiving software that solves your email management problems on Exchange Server. With thousands of customers, it is a leading email archiving solution for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). GFI MailArchiver is used by administrators all over the world to maintain an archive of all corporate email correspondence, significantly reduce the demands on the Exchange server, manage and reduce the company's dependency on PST files and also to meet a growing number of regulations on compliance, eDiscovery and other legislation. GFI MailArchiver stores all your organization's email in a central location that is easily accessible in three ways: through a folder in your users' Outlook email client (including Outlook 2010), by using a web browser or from supported mobile devices. It integrates closely with Outlook in a first-in-its-class manner, avoiding the use of stub files which other products use.

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GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials features two anti-spam engines, which combine with its agile anti-spam methodologies to give administrators protection from each new attack without the need to tweak GFI MailEssentials. IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering, greylisting, directory harvesting attack protection and other advanced anti-spam technologies are also included, ensuring the safe delivery of important emails.

GFI MailEssentials detects and blocks phishing emails, and adds email management tools to your mail server, including disclaimers, mail monitoring, Internet mail reporting, list server, server-based auto replies and POP3 downloading.

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GFI WebMonitor

In addition to being a very useful resource which has changed the way we work, the Internet is also a great source of concern for businesses. If not managed correctly, the lack of Internet usage monitoring can result in lost productivity and can prove to be a great security threat to your business. While shutting off the Internet completely is impractical, Internet monitoring software like GFI WebMonitor™ can help you boost employee productivity while putting your mind at rest about security breaches which can be very costly to your business.

GFI WebMonitor is the only Internet usage monitoring software you need, offering multiple layers of protection for peace of mind.

Now with blocking based on reputation. Also includes Facebook Chat blocking.

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